I was the kind of kid who was always losing things – gloves for the cold Connecticut winters, my homework, the keys to the car. My mother’s constant reprimands did not seem to help. While I was no stranger to loss, at the age of 20 I was not prepared for the biggest loss of all - the death of my mother. As devastating as that early experience was for me, it became the catalyst for a lifelong career in hospice helping people face losses of all magnitudes. I worked both in direct patient care and bereavement for over 20 years in upstate New York, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Beginning as a hospice volunteer, I learned the importance of empathic listening and clear communication. Gaining knowledge from getting a masters degree in social work and wisdom from life and work experience, I became a skilled counselor in the field of death, dying, and bereavement. My areas of special interest included work with bereaved teens, community crisis response, grief and the holidays, and ethics in the hospice setting. Working in the city of San Francisco offered many opportunities for deepening my cultural education and understanding of how different races, religions, and ethnicities experience death. I retired from this career in 2012.

I cultivated a side career as a massage therapist after attending the San Francisco School of Massage in 2003. The modalities I offered to clients included Swedish, trigger point, and deep tissue massage. I deepened my massage practice by becoming proficient in an energetic healing modality and chose Reiki to express this interest. I became a Reiki master in 2014 and decided to combine my two worlds - hospice social work and Reiki - to offer people a unique opportunity to experience sessions that include therapeutic talking, relaxation, and healing. I am a mother of four, grandmother of six, and have practiced yoga since 1970. I love seeing films, going to hear live music, and spending summers on Flathead Lake in Montana.


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From the moment June laid her hands on me, I felt a powerful acceptance of my body that had eluded me since childhood. Her touch was at once empowering and full of love. She has a skill - or a gift - that I’ve not experienced before or since.
— Jessica Blair, Client
June’s loving presence is magnetic and inspiring. Her San Francisco counseling office is a healing sanctuary for transforming fear and sadness into empowered possibility. June has a unique blend of compassion, wisdom, gentle humor and heartfelt honesty that make her an exceptionally gifted guide for navigating the grief journey.
— Deborah Schwing, M.A.
June Jackson was a colleague and is a friend. We worked together at Hospice By The Bay, formerly Hospice of Marin, for eight years. She is not only a dedicated and committed therapist/counselor/guide, but also an advocate. An advocate for people to meet their potential and gain access to their best selves. She uses many modalities to assist a person achieve their potential and does so with humor, grace, dignity and respect. I feel honored to have worked beside June and am delighted to know her as a skilled professional and a grounded woman who is unafraid to look at her own opportunities for growth, which allows her to guide people past their own fears.
— Sandra Weinberg, Colleague