The transmission of Reiki done by a skilled practitioner following a therapeutic talking session allows the process to go deeper than grief counseling alone. I offer a unique approach to traveling the grief journey by integrating an energy modality with counseling. I provide three different types of services: grief counseling, Reiki, and a combined session of grief counseling and Reiki.


REI = universal soul or spirit
KI = energy or life force that surrounds and connects everyone and everything

After a long search for understanding healing, Dr. Mikao Usui first developed the practice of Reiki in Japan in the mid-nineteenth century. The origin of the word “Reiki” is Tibetan – Raku is the vertical flow of energy and Kei is the horizontal flow. Reiki is a spirit-guided, non-invasive healing modality that allows the receiver to achieve balance and well-being. Research indicates that reiki can reduce physical pain and relieve anxiety and depression. During a Reiki session the person is fully clothed and through the gentle laying on of hands universal energy is transmitted from the source through the practitioner and into the receiver. The trained practitioner channels energy so that the innate wisdom of the client’s body can take over. Emotional, physical and psychic wounds, including feelings of loss, can be stored in difficult-to-reach places in the body. Reiki allows access to these places so that balance can be restored.


We face losses every day in our lives. They range from minor ones, like misplacing an important document or losing car keys, to major ones, like changing a job, moving to a new home, getting a divorce, or experiencing the death of a loved one. A component of life is accumulated loss, both seen and unseen, and the more significant the loss the more intense the corresponding grief is likely to be. It is not uncommon for certain losses to be overwhelming and to challenge a person’s coping ability. Conducted in a safe setting with an experienced practitioner, grief counseling allows people to move through a loss. Grief counseling is not in-depth psychotherapy; it is specifically focused on the expression of emotions that come up after a loss, including sadness, anger, regret, relief, anxiety, numbness, guilt, and confusion. Grief counseling can be a valuable tool for gaining acceptance of any kind of loss.